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Of course, to make "art" , you need two components. Inspiration, and Knowledge as well.

Dr. Mr. Moutzoglou gives us some criteria for what criteria a photo must have, in order to be "successful"

● Is the photo focused (if it’s not focused, is it intentional and appropriate or not focused?)
● In a non-selective focus photo, is the selective focus area specific and relevant?
● Does the composition of the photo "work"?
● Is the composition of the photo interesting and aesthetically pleasing?
● Are there any unintentional imperfections in the composition of the photo?
● What does the viewer's eye see first when looking at the photo? How is it led to the second point of the photo?
● Does the eye first detect the most important element of photography?
● What is the size of the previous item in the photo?
● Is the overall composition of the photo in line with its content?
● Is there a sense of organization and purpose in the composition?
● Is the use of color consistent with the structure of the photo?
● Does the exhibition creatively support photography?
It should be clear that each type of photography has a different purpose.

For example, fashion photography for clothes aims to highlight the outfit. Architectural photography or street photography also has a very different logic. That is why it must be judged on the basis of its purpose.

Wedding photography needs knowledge from almost all forms of photography. Landscape photography, advertising, fashion photography, portraiture and of course reportage which is 90% on the wedding day.

The camera is the tool that captures. But the photographer is the one who creates with the eyes, the mind and the heart.

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