The four stages of a photo archive - Imagine Studio

With the quick spread of photography skills by the mobile cameras, photography art entered our lives.

So we take it for granted that every "click" is a photo.

But for professional photographers, a final photo has the following four stages:

1st the capture: There is the raw material. The file we draw on professional cameras is not a jpg or any other photo file, but it is a data file, which has 40 times more information! Only part of the file is visible on the camera.

2nd The conversion to a photo: Needs taking advantage of the digital negative information to create a photo. Processing tonal details, colors, lens errors, etc and sometimes more processing may be redundant (it depends on the photo itself, its type and the purpose).

3rd Retouch - Color Grading
: Some people think that every process is done on Photoshop. But the photo has already been created before the process on Photoshop. At this stage are made the final touches.. Nevertheless, the possibilities of Photoshop are endless.

4th Print: Many people consider that printing is unnecessary. But the digital file is not exactly a photograph. Digital file seems something more intangible than the printed photo.

Printed photos reflect all the hard working. Also the same photo may seem different from screen to screen because of the settings differences. So the photo does not look as it seems in the final result.

The screens of professional photographers must be calibrated with special machines and identified with the printing machines.

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